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My Patriotic pages within the Desiree Is Hope Website
My patriotic pages reflect my deep love and devotion to this wonderful country God allowed me to be a citizen, my support and respect for our president and our military and my other ideas and thoughts about this wonderful country I live in.
http://desireeishope.org/WebringsPatriotic.htm - 1591 hits - 3-January-2004

Kristi Ann's Haven
Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone. Holy Bible Based on God's Holy Word! I Live in The State of Oregon USA. God Bless the United States of America!
http://ka7.proboards30.com/index.cgi?board=nice - 992 hits - 7-June-2004

Hand of the Lord
Our children are the future. We need to train them up in the ways of the Lord. This is how we can turn the country around.
http://www.geocities.com/ethomp_2002/index.html - 709 hits - 13-August-2001

Jason Lockard's Fire Inside Ministries
Jason is a gospel singer songwriter He sings all styles from southern Gospel, contemporary, inspirational, praise & worship, etc. He is also Youth Leader of his local church and is studing for the ministry. Check out his AWESOME SITE!!!
http://fireinsideministries.tripod.com - 1368 hits - 11-March-2003

Search And Rescue Ministries
A message board for christians and seekers.
http://pub97.ezboard.com/bsearchandrescueministries - 1211 hits - 29-January-2002

Inspirational poems & quotations. Chronic Pain Page-Wildlife-Pow/Mias-Angels-God-Always Adding New pages so stop in and take alook around
http://morningstar2mi.tripod.com/ - 1920 hits - 16-February-2003

The Best Things In Life
This is a Christian site made to glorify God and help others in different aspects of life.
http://community.webtv.net/lewjoy/TheBestThingsInLife - 1626 hits - 16-October-2001

Watchman On The Wall Ministries
Non-denominational web-based church. To encourage and support those called to raise up Christian fellowships within their homes. Training believers to go beyond the four walls of the church to preach the Gospel.
http://iam.homewithgod.com/wowministries/Church/WOW.html - 852 hits - 30-November-2001

He said yes
A short story reminding us of the price that Jesus paid so that we could have eternal life.
http://sites.netscape.net/sarver3/hesaidyes - 1353 hits - 17-October-2001

Constitution Party of North Carolina Region 2
Website for the Constitution Party of North Carolina, Region 2.
http://www.home.earthlink.net/~livefree - 623 hits - 6-September-2005
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