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Becoming Disciples
A place to study and share the word of God and talk to fellow believers.
http://z7.invisionfree.com/Becoming_Disciples - 569 hits - 11-June-2006

Conar country
Conar Country is the cyber home of the conar family. The family friendly site supports Christian values and a patriotic theme. There are also several of my favorite poems enhanced with Christian music and graphics I have created using PSP 5
http://www.1freespace.com/conar408/index.html - 1402 hits - 18-October-2001

The Roz's Home on the Web
A refuge for women, encouragement, inspiration and resting in the beauty of the Lord
http://www.geocities.com/rozkowski/patriot.html - 971 hits - 19-October-2001

Grace & Glory
God's grace is as abundant as His glory! Chat, poetry, awards...
http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/qcj - 1059 hits - 22-May-2002

Celebrity Spotlight Ministries
Dedicated to praying for influential people around the world.
http://www.100megsfree4.com/csministries/index.html - 1050 hits - 7-November-2001

Conservative political news, opinions and editorials, cutting-edge articles, forums and discussions for todays true American Patriots!
http://www.ConservativeWorld.Net - 2210 hits - 22-September-2002

A safe place for. There is free Christian music to listen to,prayers,testimonies,advice,tips,and more.A Christian forum for females only to provide for what they need and to help them with their life.
http://eynhff.proboards24.com/index.cgi? - 800 hits - 17-July-2004

NITA'S NOTES: Reaching UP Toward God & Reaching OUT Toward Others
Sharing the Secrets of Knowing Christ and Making Him Known. Resources for reaching. Devotional, Bible studies, articles, illustrations, quotations, outlines, poetry, links, children's sites and Christian humor. Go! Be Blessed! Take Away! Share!
http://www.nitasnotes.com - 924 hits - 17-October-2001

In His Glory Michigan
Hello my name is Thomas Macdonald I have a web site the address is http://forhisglorymi.tripod.com site name - In His Glory Michigan Email address- exnavytom@sbcglobal.net This site offer a bible study , catechism, on the about me page i talk about my battle with Bi Polar Disorder illness order the last 17 years and how i mastered it. It also has a page for Veterans ,Medal of Honor , homelessness ,Alzheimer's , Bi Polar Disorder information page,it talk about Christian life , My lost of faith then my regain of Faith . It also talks about alot more . Please take a look at it. I done this site to try to help other people understand about Bi Polar Disorder illness. And hopefully it will help someone. It also Honors All Veterans Please visit my site if you feel that my site has earned your award . I would be Honored to Post it on my awards page . I thank you for your time in this matter . And may God Bless you and your Famliy, And have a Blessed Day . Respectful Thomas Macdonald
http://forhisglorymi.tripod.com - 1323 hits - 23-May-2005

In His Favor

http://www.inhisfavor.com - 596 hits - 4-April-2006
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