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United States Corps of Chaplains, Washington Brigade
The USCOC is primarily formed to work and supplement with the military, aid and minister to veterans, retirees, and the local community at any time, but especially during emergencies, disasters or other times of need.
http://uscoc.anabaptist4christ.org/index.htm - 1049 hits - 5-March-2005

Striving For The Christian Life
This is a Christian site designed to help believers grow and fellowship.
http://strive.homestead.com - 1531 hits - 16-October-2001

Joined By The Cross Ministries
Joined By the Cross-Ministries is a Christian support site that helps with your website needs. We also have bible studies That you my study you self approved unto God. We are totally dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ so helping you is the best way. We have Msn Groups, Forums and much more. For God so loved the world webset
http://jbtcm.theshepherdsvoice.org - 1164 hits - 13-November-2003

Sues home
Jesus family Friends Prayers
http://home.att.net/~kariesue/web.html - 1118 hits - 10-October-2001

Buttons Food For Thought
We are not theologans or religous leaders of any kind. We are mothers, fathers, nurses, waitresses, computer technicians, and many other occupations and walks of life.
http://buttonstech.tripod.com/food4u/ - 1263 hits - 11-October-2001

After The Choice
A memorial site for women and men who made the choice to abort, but now know the truth. It has stories of these truths and also quilt squares made by parents in memory of their child.
http://ourchurch.com/member/c/Choice/ - 903 hits - 23-October-2001

SAFE Ministries
The SAFE approach is a one year client involvement addressing the root cause (emotional instability) rather than the symptoms of addiction.
http://users.easystreet.com/ken7/index.html - 748 hits - 25-June-2004

Badlands - Stop the Federal Land Grab
The Brown's Park Land Use Board has been formed by the land owners in northwest Colorado to fight the unholy alliance of the federal government, the environmentalists, the animal rights groups and the United Nations. They intend to take our land, and our way of life and our system of government. The Lord requires that we choose sides."For Ye were neither hot nor cold and therefore I spew you out of my mouth."
http://www.maybell.org/org/badlands/badlands.html - 1985 hits - 3-May-2002

The Hallsport Christian Church
A Church where the Bible is Believed and where Christ is Preached. Come see what the Spirit is doing at Hallsport.
http://christring.org/hallsport - 1120 hits - 28-May-2001

Take Action Network
Exposing corruption and injustice; united States heritage; explaining who the "real" enemy is and information on becoming proactive in defending our Republic.
http://www.takeactionnetwork.com - 779 hits - 21-December-2001
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