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Universal Life Church of God
Welcome to the Universal Life Church of God Online Ministry. Included in this site will be some wonderful teachings and scripture from the Word of God. I want to share this with everyone. My knowledge and insight in the word. Hoping to teach you and win more souls for God himself.
http://www.universallifechurchofgod.com - 772 hits - 11-September-2005

Bread of Life Christian Church in Orlando
A church in Orlando Florida
http://www.lingliang.org - 1203 hits - 16-October-2001

Christian Quotes
A collection of quotes, proverbs and sayings expesilly for Christians from Always Beside Me.
http://www.alwaysbesideme.com - 1359 hits - 28-May-2004

United In Spirit
Pride In USA, Free Stuff, Sweepstakes,State Flags, Seals, Birds, Stamps, Flowers, Newspapers, Tourism. Free Personalized State Calling Cards, and Notecards. Free graphics in my Collectables Section and links to other great places.
http://www.unitedinspirit.net/clubs.html - 819 hits - 19-April-2002

In a world of discouragement, one needs words of encouragement. These messages by Dr. Neal Carlson are changed daily, plus there is the Archive
http://nealcarlson.com - 1137 hits - 22-February-2002

Amazing Grace
Christian, Family, Conservative
http://community-2.webtv.net/ketteringlady1948/AmazingGrace - 975 hits - 17-March-2004

Welcome to My World
The site to is tell others about Jesus and what He has, is and will continue to do in my life.
http://www.pattie-mac.org/index6.html - 1137 hits - 16-January-2003

Calvary Ministries
This site promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the preaching, teaching and singing ministry of Pastor M. Elden Gaines. Evangelism is one of its primary goals. It also contains information about The Master Sounds and Two for Calvary and has links to many Southern Gospel Music sites.
http://www.calvaryministries.com - 1021 hits - 4-April-2002

FreedomPoint NEWS
Christian news and music, conservative news and books, views, research information for the activist Christian conservative
http://www.freedompointnews.com - 466 hits - 27-December-2005

Debby's Digest
Inspirational site contains pages of Poetry, Devotions, Cats, Angels, Rainbows, Holidays, Support for Chronic Pain and Illness and a section devoted to the United States Of America, the Military and President Bush.
http://www.angelfire.com/on2/debbysdigest - 1305 hits - 15-October-2001
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