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The Patriot
a patriot site and forum based on Christian principles
http://thepatriot.hopto.org - 1171 hits - 23-October-2003

Gretchie's Website
A website by a Christian young woman who loves the Lord and her country!
http://www.ylcf.org/gretchie - 669 hits - 23-February-2002

Circuit Rider's Range
Circuit Rider's Range is a strange blend of humor, personal experience, and comments on controversial political and church issues of the day.
http://www.crrange.com - 1349 hits - 16-October-2001

In the Name of Freedom
A compilation of link and informational resourses for the concerned American citizen, regarding the future of our Freedoms.
http://www.home.earthlink.net/~offtowar - 1561 hits - 23-October-2003

The Coffey Home
A site that honors God, Country and family. We have social commentary, devotionals, bible study, information links, computer security information, and much more. Come visit us today.
http://home.rconnect.com/~cec/ - 710 hits - 13-July-2004

God's Little Acre
A Christian website of inspirational and spiritual growth poems and stories, words of wisdom, Christian humor, Christian music, daily blessings and devotionals, bible trivia and more, all to help you grown in your spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus.
http://godslittleacre.net - 357 hits - 5-October-2006

Proclaiming Jesus
Christian Doctrine
http://preachingjesus.homestead.com/ - 1605 hits - 17-January-2002

Mini Edition: A News Commentary of Common Sense By Joseph Harris
Brief comments on current events in government, religion, culture and family from a conservative Christian perspective.
http://www.miniedition.com - 843 hits - 17-December-2002

Patriot's Corner
My site is divided into several catagories. There is a family page that is about my families interests and the things we enjoy doing as well as a couple of articles that I have written about my wife and parents. There is a Christian page that I am going to convert to it's own section in the very near future. I also have a section called "Patriot's Voice." Here are articles written by me as well as some guest articles. All articles in this section deal with political and social issues facing us as a nation today and are written from a Christian perspective. Finally, I have a section called "Patriotism." In this area of the web site I have the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution as well as some speeches given by past leaders of our country such as President's Washington and Lincoln. There are also some articles about our flag. I appreciate your consideration of my web site for the Patriot Web Ring, it is truly an honor.
http://www.angelfire.com/folk/patriotscorner/index.html - 1365 hits - 24-March-2002

Knowledge House
This conservative Christian homeschool website contains articles and reviews, mini unit studies, patriot pages, educational resources, a library of links, and fun stuff for kids; plus supplemental products including the Citizens Rule Book and “Learning for Life: Educational Words of Wisdom,” a 420-page book of quotations that features wise sayings by our Founding Fathers, religious leaders, famous homeschoolers, and other notables from throughout history.
http://www.knowledgehouse.info - 1132 hits - 13-February-2005
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