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Salute to Freedom
A Salute to the United States of America and to the Freedoms that we enjoy
http://celebrations.thefairkingdom.com/independence/index.html - 845 hits - 17-October-2001

You Choose 2008.org
You Choose 2008.org is a politically active family oriented Christian site dedicated to keep you informed of the issues that effect you and your family.
http://www.youchoose2008.org - 1093 hits - 26-March-2005

Religious News & Info
Christian and religious news and info. Bible studies, trivia and a lot more!
http://www.infoworldsource.com/christ.htm - 1148 hits - 26-June-2005

Christ Without Borders Baptist Ministry
We are a Baptist ministry that is centered around Christ and the Bible. Rev. Morris is an ordained anabaptist minister and member of the United States Corps of Chaplains.
http://www.cwbministries.com - 1211 hits - 21-July-2005

Karen's Patriotic Page
A site honoring U.S. troops and veterans. POW/MIA pages, poetry, holiday pages.
http://wtv-zone.com/kjsb/kpp.html - 1034 hits - 9-May-2005

Chucks Christian Music
Christian music written by Chuck M.Holmes:CEO/CO-Owner of "Legendary Artists"
http://www.ourchurch.com/member/c/Christian_Music - 939 hits - 7-August-2003

Founders,Rev.Dr. Christopher B. Dumouchel & Evangelist Mrs.Regina M. Dumouchel We focus on spreading Gods love and Divine wisdom through out our community and the world with a kind ear to listen or a helping hand.
http://www.ourchurch.com/member/d/dumouchel_faith/ - 724 hits - 20-September-2003

The Cry of the Heart
Evangelism and missions information, and much insprational. My section on America includes quotes from the founders of our country, a WTC memorial, and photo tour of USA.
http://www.heart-cry.com - 1140 hits - 18-October-2001

Christian Support-The Word Ministries
Christian support, prayer, salvation,warriors check list, email forum, encouragment, salvation, inspiration,something for everyone.
http://www.cstwm.org - 1815 hits - 16-October-2001

Lil' Western Angel
I have an online store that sells inexpensive christian gifts and services
http://www.christianwesterngifts.com - 1100 hits - 8-April-2003
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