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My Personnel Web Page
Concerns and ViewsOne of my major concerns is the downhill slide of the United States over the past 30 years. Now that I have said that (The main purpose of this page), I'll explain in detail some of the things that I have observed in my life time. Well I guess you will have to go to the page to see the rest ;-)
http://soamc.dynu.com/mypage/ - 823 hits - 25-December-2002

Alpha Omega IQ Test Center for Kids
IQ Tests for Kids, Children, Teens, Toddler's and Adults. Authentic Phd Certified IQ Tests for Kids. Do not Wait to Test that Genius Child of Yours!
http://www.kids-iq-tests.com - 1099 hits - 30-June-2004

Harvest of Love Ministries
We are a full time prophetic missions ministry that is focused on imparting the anointing of the Holy Spirit into lives. Also our heart is to train national pastors and leaders around the world.Our focus right now is Latin America and USA.
http://www.harvestofloveministries.com - 1113 hits - 18-October-2001

The Mountainmen Detachment
Dedicated to the Unit I served with at Hunter Liggett Military Reservation.
http://bigjwla.tripod.com/54thmpdet.html - 775 hits - 8-January-2006

A Message of Hope
Come to receive insruction, or to request prayer.
http://home.comcast.net/~daveshobbies - 488 hits - 4-December-2006

Pam's Place
A site of pleasures for the soul. A little about me and my home, some sites about, Jesus, angels, wolves, freedom, constitution, patriot links, veterans, the four seasons, and more...stop by my place you are always welcome.
http://d21c.com/pam53/webrings.html - 1313 hits - 23-March-2002

Our Love For Christ
My personal dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ.
http://www.anapostlejohn.com - 1422 hits - 20-January-2002

Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism
Information about our prison ministry.
http://www.ourchurch.com/member/g/glpe/ - 1130 hits - 4-May-2003

Triumph Church-Newberry SC
Spiritually uplifting site dedicated to proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
http://www.ForMinistry.com/USSCPFBHCTTCAK/ - 901 hits - 18-April-2003

The Truth about Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit
The simple truth about salvation. Discusses the nature of the Trinity, other beliefs, and the meaning of Christianity. This site was inspired by the growing confusion and challenges to the basics of Christianity.
http://www.asavior.com - 1095 hits - 5-January-2002
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