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If you would like to add the Salvation Message to your website please consider using our evangelism page "True Peace". This outreach is a ministry of ChristRing Ministries and The Hallsport Christian Church. The service is provided free of charge and the True Peace page is designed to become a part of your website complete with a "return to our site" button that will return visitors directly to your site. Our ministry team provides complete followup on all decisions, including Bibles and materials as needed. We also contact the individuals when possible to help them find a Bible believing, Christ preaching church in their area.

To add True Peace to your site you may use one of the buttons below (or create your own) and just link to . Or you may download the html link in a text file.

We would also appreciate it if you would drop us a note letting us know that you have added True Peace to your site.

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THIS MINISTRY is not responsible for the content of any advertising banners displayed by our URL forwarding service. As a ministry that is in the world but not of the world we ask that you too be understanding if that content is not consistent with our moral standards. If you do see something that interests you and is consistent with your convictions we ask that you consider patronizing that advertiser. Thank you to for their free services.

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