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Cornerstone Baptist Church
The web site of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Oakdale, CT
http://www.cornerstone-baptist.org - 990 hits - 5-June-2002

Naples Baptist Church
Naples Baptist Church - located in Naples FL, Independent Baptist Church, 654 104th Ave. N.,www.NaplesBaptistChurch.com
http://www.naplesbaptistchurch.com/page.cfm?id=14 - 606 hits - 30-June-2005

Danieltown Independent Baptist Church
This is the website of Danieltown Independent Baptist Church in Forest City, NC.
http://www.danieltown.org - 502 hits - 23-October-2005

Friendship Baptist Church
Friendship Baptist Church Rome New York, Serving the Rome community. Calling out those who want their souls forgiven and refreshed. Willing to obey Gods Holy Word and do what is right.
http://friendshipbaptist.us - 1154 hits - 28-May-2002

Fellowship Baptist Church
Fellowship Baptist Church, a church with a heart for people.
http://www.fbctrafalgar.com - 1392 hits - 5-February-2005

My Christian Home Page
http://www.brojeff.org - 1227 hits - 15-June-2003

IFBC Webring Home
The home of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches Webring
http://www.christring.org/brojeff/ifbc_webring - 1341 hits - 8-May-2001

Northgate Baptist
We are an independent Fundamental Baptist Church
http://Community.webtv.net/NorthgateBaptistchurch - 2507 hits - 18-March-2004

Grace Baptist Church
An overview of Grace Baptist Church, Boyceville, WI. Who we are, what we believe, what we do.
http://www.yesgrace.org - 1081 hits - 23-October-2001

Gospel Light Baptist Church
We are an Independent - Fundamental Baptist church who believes that the King James Bibe is the true inspired word of God.
http://www.gospellightbaptistchurch.net - 1198 hits - 23-August-2004
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