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The Chebar - - Judeo/Christian Studies, News & You!
Study the Scriptures by synthesizing the combined revelation and knowledge of Jewish and Christian Commentaries and Sources. Verse studies,Texts, News, Book Store and More!
http://chebar0.tripod.com - 1076 hits - 11-October-2001

The Bible Teacher
Dedicated to the study of God's Word and the home site of the free MyStudyBible software.
http://members.webavenue.org/bibleteacher/index.html - 609 hits - 16-May-2002

Servants of Y'shua Ministries
We are a Christian/Messianic Ministry with Wesleyan/Arminian Views of Salvation, dedicated to spreading the true Gospel of Y'shua (Jesus) our Messiah on the Internet.
http://yeshuaministries.tripod.com/ - 1277 hits - 31-July-2001

God's Touch Ministries Online
A Place where Christians can stop along the road of Life for a Touch from God. Using the Bible to teach in studies and to Inspire inpeaceful graphic displays. Prayer and question support Available
http://www.gtmol.com - 876 hits - 28-July-2001

Lesson from the fig tree!
I believe in God!
http://www.emmanualislove.com/scripture.html - 397 hits - 13-December-2005

Ministry of Hope
The purpose of this website of Ministry of Hope is to provide comfort and encouragement to those who suffer, and to help people avoid false doctrines and to find salvation and restoration. You will find sermons, studies, and warnings about misconceptions and wrong teachings. Also featured is a wealth of links providing information about ministers, ministries, and denominations. GOD BLESS!
http://home.hetnet.nl/~antoonwierda/ - 496 hits - 12-October-2005

The Corner
A place to help out in friendship, fellowship and restoration and to give and recieve fellowship, support and answers
http://thecorner.netfirms.com - 428 hits - 24-September-2002

Looking at grace, bible as history,aimed new christian
http://www.lightingfires.co.uk - 1099 hits - 3-December-2002

Cross Lightning
Provides creative, unique, Christian approaches to informing, inspiring and supporting those affected by Mental Illness.
http://www.CrossLightning.com/rings.htm - 548 hits - 7-December-2001

United Pentecostal
A Bible Ministry of Holiness unto the Lord, Come and share with us. Post your faith.We have friendly fellowship and a great open discussion boards. Come on and join us for Bible Study and Prayer. Learn how the Pentecostal's think and worship. A wonderfukll learning enviroment. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ you belong here.
http://groups.msn.com/unitedpentecostal - 1332 hits - 29-May-2004
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