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Bible Covers made by a Christian Mission. Sales help support the mission.
http://www.coveryourbible.com/store/1789028/page/940348 - 128 hits - 29-November-2006

Arise Men of Virtue
This site discusses issues that men face each day. You'll learn how to deal, cope and overcome them through the power of Jesus Christ.
http://menofvirtue.topcities.com - 504 hits - 15-April-2002

The HyperGospel - Good News for our Hyper Times
The HyperGospel declares and proclaims truth once hidden, the meat of God's message to mankind, healing brokenness in man's world, and relationship with the father, the almighty, the lover of our souls.
http://www.hypergospel.org/?ring=bible - 577 hits - 6-December-2005

Christian searchengine since 1997
http://www.christpages.net - 1386 hits - 19-April-2001

Spirit Restoration Ministry
Our site is an ecumenical, contemporary Christian website that offers vast resources in biblical studies, Christian news, book reviews, theological articles etc. It also presents articles on worship, the church, for pastors, health, family, faith and money, education, youth, etc. Spirit Restoration Ministry also offers a very lively message board for our visitors.
http://www.spiritrestoration.org - 652 hits - 9-December-2001

Glory to Glory
Locate the Bible-based Christian and Messianic congregations and schools that meet your needs. The powerful, easy-to-use search engine searches its database for the characteristics and geographic locations that YOU specify.
http://www.glorytoglory.com/webrings/webrings.htm - 611 hits - 6-February-2002

Who's Who in the Spirit World
Layman's guide to the spirit world based on Biblical teachings. Explores how the spiritual realm interacts with the physical world, and compares spiritual practices to what the Bible teaches to determine if they are true or false practices.
http://www.whoistrue.com - 429 hits - 18-February-2004

Mary's Country Garden
The Daily Word~Bible Blessing, Read the 10 Commandments,
http://www.maryscountrygarden.f2s.com/index.html - 1723 hits - 10-August-2001

A Bible Site: Bible Questions and Answers: Problems and Solutions
Contains verse by verse Bible commentaries, Bible articles on important subjects,Bible information,Bible resources
http://uk.geocities.com/jonpartin - 1209 hits - 21-February-2002

A ministry that emphasizes the grace and Sovereignty of God. The Lordship of Christ and the Believer's position in Christ.
http://melparker.topcities.com - 888 hits - 6-June-2001
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