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Bible And The End Times
A new group that is into Bible Prophesy as discussions and we believe the Word of God as total authority for this group and our lives. We also have a open mind on end times discussion and when Jesus is coming back,. If you have some info you wish to share about the end of time please join and lets discuss it. We are even open to Bible code discussions.All Faiths welcome.
http://groups.msn.com/bibleandtheendtimes - 463 hits - 27-May-2004

SonSeekers Adult Bible Fellowship
On our site you will find several Bible studies we have completed. For past studies, you can visit our archives. Also you'll find socials we have had with our class members, which may give you ideas for your Bible study.
http://www.geocities.com/sonseekers - 753 hits - 18-October-2001

Seeds of Love Ministries
Seeds of Love Christian Ministries is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to take the Word of God out to the people. We do this by making contact with people wherever people are: in the marketplace, bazaars, community events, wherever it is that people go and or gather. Our goal is to increase knowledge and guide unbelievers and believers alike onto the path where Christ Jesus waits for us. The path of righteousness, love, hope and faith, to bring people to know and accept Christ as their personal Lord, Savior and friend. Our Lord Christ Jesus, the Son of God, walked upon this earth and was crucified by man, then rose on the third day in order to save all of mankind from destruction and death. Only by accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior through Faith in him can one gain salvation and escape eternal doom. Only through Faith and by Godís own grace can we be saved to be with Christ always and forever.
http://www.seedsofloveministries.com/ - 493 hits - 28-April-2003

Samaritan's Road Ministry
Samaritans Road Ministry is a Christian outreach to America's truckers
http://samaritansroad.port5.com - 474 hits - 24-September-2003

My Web Connection
christian chat room, friendship
http://www.geocities.com/kieley6 - 989 hits - 9-June-2001

Guided by the Word Christian Fellowship
Details of the Church/Pastor services. "What the Bible say about" page.
http://www.angelfire.com/empire2/guidedbytheword - 1299 hits - 5-June-2004

ECSArabians Christian Links
ECSArabians Christian Links. Many links to awesome Christian sites. Graphics, message boards, inspirations, and more. Add your url.
http://www.ecsarabians.com/christian.html - 1102 hits - 1-April-2003

Do You Believe In Jesus?
Believe in the Lord Jesus so You can have Everlasting Life! Read the Bible, Today! Get your own Free Online Audio Bible, Today. Post your Prayers on our Prayer Board.
http://www.believe-in-jesus.com - 240 hits - 27-August-2006

Prayer Ring
A place that you can post your prayers so others can lift them up to the lord Jesus Christ.
http://www.geocities.com/prayer_ring/6bibelring.html - 868 hits - 13-November-2003

Hosea:Intercessors Of Prayer Warriors
A place to pray and learn more about the saving grace of Jesus love.
http://www.geocities.com/intercessorswarriors/ebrings.html - 810 hits - 9-January-2002
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