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Laz's Interactive Bible Searches
Free Interactive Bible Web Search. Java enhancemnet makes it possible for us to read our bible and research the bible's numbers, phrases, versions, and more. Also includes daily eards, devotions, quotes, verses, artwork, cartoon, and some greetings that proclaim my faith also.
http://www.pagerealm.com/angels/biblesearch.html - 546 hits - 2-May-2002

Place of Wonders
This site has info how to get rid of false preachers at your door to how Homer's view of God is similiar to others.
http://www.geocities.com/chocksau/one.html - 706 hits - 21-September-2002

Grace Bible Fellowship
Sharing the gospel of Christ with our neighbors, and supporting God's work globally.
http://www.gracebiblefellowship-tx.org - 882 hits - 4-July-2001

Lit 4 Ever
Bringing you todays prophetic words, revival resources, and prayer for healing.
http://www.lit4ever.org/rings.html - 640 hits - 17-June-2004

Jesus Christ is Love
The Word is our Shepard!
http://www.jesuschristislove.org - 547 hits - 19-November-2004

Emmanual Father
Here are some insights of the bible for all to read and hold dear to their hearts. God is Good always God is Good! Love Richard
http://www.emmanualfather.bravehost.com/ - 193 hits - 13-May-2006

New Life Outreach Ministries Inc
New Life Outreach Ministries Inc. Is a ministry where Jesus is Lord and Everybody is Somebody. A ministry that reaches out to all walks of life to proclaim the gospel and the divine word of God the Holy Bible. We at New Life Outreach Ministries believe in being a blessing to other ministries so that others can be a blessing to us. We believe in Romans the 10th chapter " For if you tell others with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your own heart that God raised Christ from the dead you will be saved". For it is by believing in your heart that a man becomes right with God and with his mouth he tells others of his faith confirming his salvation. We dedicated ourselves to preaching and teaching the word of God.
http://www.geocities.com/newoutreach/webrings.html - 638 hits - 7-April-2005

The King and i.....
A Scripture based web site to educate and restore to the church the relationship between the King and His people, in a simple and practical way. Rebuilding the tabernacle of David
http://www.thekingandihome.com - 619 hits - 8-August-2002

English Version of the Septuagint Bible Online
The English Translation of the Septuagint LXX, Including the Apocrypha. By Sir Lancelot C. L. Brenton 1851
http://www.ecmarsh.com/lxx - 753 hits - 21-September-2003

Miracles Do Happen - Online
A Web Site Dedicated to the message of the gift of salvation and end time prophecy. Contains the online book "Miracles Do Happen" - By Ellizabeth Ellis
http://www.mdhonline.com - 716 hits - 6-June-2001
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