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The Common Man's Prospective
Analysis from the Bible and History. Written, edited and published by common men for common men.
http://www.ecmarsh.com - 696 hits - 25-May-2003

Calvary Ministries
This site promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the preaching, teaching and singing ministry of Pastor M. Elden Gaines. Evangelism is one of its primary goals. It also contains information about The Master Sounds and Two for Calvary and has links to many Southern Gospel Music sites.
http://www.calvaryministries.com - 767 hits - 4-April-2002

Fire of Pentecost
Fire of Pentecost is an in-depth study of the baptism in the Holy Spirit
http://pentecost.vebvena.com/webrings.html - 1200 hits - 28-July-2001

Lots Of Info
A christian site with lots of Information on many subjects including webmaster tools, games, forums, live chat, diet and fitness and much more
http://www.lotsofinfo.com - 714 hits - 3-August-2004

Above All Webring
Like a rose trampled on the ground, Jesus took the fall and thought of me Above All.
http://www.acts5.com/rl/above4.html - 480 hits - 17-September-2004

The English King James Bible Code
The Bible code in English in the King James Bible, on prophecy and the world today
http://revelation13.net/KingJames.html - 426 hits - 2-March-2005

Bound No More
my testimony on how i was set free from addiction
http://members.truepath.com/bubbaskeelo/boundnomore - 1036 hits - 25-February-2002

Need Some Words Of Encouragement And Hope?
Tired of this crazy world? Looking for something better? Check out my links to websites with the answers about life and God, resources for parents and clean, uplifting stuff for kids.
http://brentsplace.us/webrings2.shtml - 527 hits - 14-November-2003

Hold On To Hope
This is the home of Seeds of Wisdom devotion written each day by Jackie Stemley whose name is joybell_1943.It was created to encourage, share poetry, messages, and to understand that when all else fails,,never give up in your hope which is in Christ.
http://groups.msn.com/HoldOnToHope - 608 hits - 20-August-2005

Science meets Religion: Shroud of Turin
The study of the shroud of turin shows how the prejudices of scientists more than the scientific evidence itself lead to acceptance of a theory.
http://shroud.atspace.com/ - 839 hits - 5-June-2005
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