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Christians for Christ
A non-denominational Christian ministry to reach religous people, like the founder once was, with the simple message of the Gospel.
http://www.christiansforchrist.org/Page.asp?m=55 - 666 hits - 20-March-2004

Messianic, Worship, jewish & folk music from Israel
Music from israel The world most comprehensive of Messianic, worship, Folk & jewish music recorded in Israel
http://www.musicfromisrael.com - 625 hits - 8-October-2002

Tabernacle Ministries International
The Tabernacle is set as a prophetic timeclock, encompassing the pattern for the last days Apostolic Church, and it's preparation to usher in the return of the earthly reign of Christ.
http://users.churchserve.com/au/tabernacleministries/ - 917 hits - 8-November-2002

Linda 's Place
Inspirational Stories and Poems, Encouragement Pages, 911 Pages, Pet and Pug Pages, Graphics Designs, Pet/Pug and Inspirational Card Shoppe
http://pages.ivillage.com/kountrysonshine2//Webring2.html - 795 hits - 23-October-2002

EZverse Bible Software
Now you can lookup a verse just by waving your mouse over it, or paste a verse just by "expanding" it with one hotkey.
http://www.EZverse.net - 770 hits - 22-August-2004

Clearview Baptist Virtual Church
We are an Independent Fundamental Pre-millennial Missionary Web Site. This site is a Vertual Church dedicated to our Missionaries. Free Audio Sermons, Family, Webmaster & Software Links! Category: Ministries
http://www.clearviewbaptistchurch.com - 603 hits - 2-February-2005

United Christian Church Without Walls
We are an interfaith Christian church that is proclaiming unity in Christ to the world.
http://www.ourchurch.com/view/?pageID=141121 - 405 hits - 9-May-2003

Letters From The Moralist
Letters offers two FREE e books. LETTERS is Christian e book on current religious and political concerns - makes sense of apocalyptic issues.
http://members.christhost.com/lettersfrommoralist - 630 hits - 20-January-2002

A fun and family friendly website about angels and crafts. Send free ecards to family and friends - includes Christian, animal, funny, and friendship greetings just to name a few. Angel questions answered from the bible. Angel crafts, poety, stories, and art. Directories for crafters and angel sites.
http://www.his-little-angels.com/webrings.htm - 613 hits - 4-November-2004

Gospel Storyteller
Presenting the greatest story ever told written for children from eight to twelve years using an easily readable style and contemporary illustrations while following traditional chapter divisions. A ministry to tweeners and those who love them.
http://www.gospelstoryteller.com - 1011 hits - 17-February-2003
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