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Candle in the Window ~ Poetry and Inspiration
An offshoot of my first web site,
http://hometown.aol.com/silentwitness03/poetryhome.html - 747 hits - 10-February-2004

First Baptist Church of Bayou George
A Southern Baptist Church devoted to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible.
http://firstbaptistchurch2.tripod.com - 431 hits - 24-September-2005

Friends of God
Friends of God is a Evangelical Episcopal fellowship of missions open to the Holy Spirit who desire to taste all that the Father has in store for us through the Holy Spirit when we know what it means to be a friend of God. Jesus is calling you to a deep friendship with him which will impact you on every level of your being, to a friendship which is sealed for eternity.
http://friendsofgod.tripod.com - 638 hits - 7-October-2002

Evolution or Creation?
Arthur Custance's Doorway paper on the continuing Evolution Creation Debate
http://www.mychristiansite.com/personal/evolution/creation.html - 639 hits - 29-May-2005

Stutzman Family Web Site
The Stutzman family, a conservative Christian family from Southwest Michigan.
http://www.geocities.com/hubiestutzman/webring.html - 847 hits - 18-January-2002

The Holy Bible: A word for you.
Gospel tracts, pamphlets for help in the Christian life, Bible studies and commentaries, historical texts, maps, etc. .
http://holybible.free.fr - 959 hits - 5-December-2001

Christian Online Community
Ink Focus is a new Bay Area Classifieds website serving the Christian community in California. It offers free resources to individuals and non-profit organizations and it is a very useful resource for posting employment opportunities in the Bay Area.
http://www.inkfocus.com - 473 hits - 9-August-2002

Two Views Of The Cross
Witnessing to others for Christ Jesus.
http://www.angelfire.com/ky3/injesusname - 711 hits - 30-September-2002

Fine Wheat
Inspirational Bible Studies,Testimonies,Prayer,Stories and much more!
http://www.finewheat.com - 339 hits - 5-March-2004

The Evangelist Preacher
The evangelist preacher has servers for Jesus. We need 10,000 christians to do christian web sites with testimony and praise using free software.
http://www.evangelistpreacher.com - 872 hits - 29-June-2005
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