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Fellowship of Disciples
Come join our forum. This is a place from christian and seekers to get real answers from other christian. There are links and lessons, forums, and other things. Check it out.
http://fellowshipofdisciples.org - 1220 hits - 12-June-2005

Verse of the Day
a daily bible verse & devotional.
http://www.verseoftheday.org - 549 hits - 29-August-2001

Pletch's Christian Links Page
A sight with various links to christian sights.
http://www.christianwelcome.com - 410 hits - 1-July-2003

The Holy Bible; Bible Problems & Answers;; Bible Resources
Contains Bible articles, deals with Biblical problems, verse by verse scholarly bibe commentaries, question and answer facility.
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/4027 - 612 hits - 30-November-2001

Christian based variety website. Bibles, icons, photos, etc.
http://www.shaunah.com - 102 hits - 6-January-2007

Fast Exit - Our Practical Daily Hope
A former amillennialist, now premillennialist, has discovered that the imminent Rapture is plainly shown in Scripture.
http://www.j-e-s-u-s.net/Jesus/expositor/ - 558 hits - 6-August-2003

Gleanings From The Word - Christian site- daily devotionals and free ezine
Daily devotions, short stories and Bible studies designed to uplift you and challenge you in your walk with Christ and point non-believers in the direction of a saving faith in Christ. Daily devotionsl prayerfully prepared by Canadian Christian author, speaker and Bible teacher Kevin Corbin. Free daily devotional ezine available on request. Gleanings devotionals make great material for church bulletins and newsletters.
http://gleanings.jesusanswers.com - 798 hits - 5-June-2001

HAY for Christ Ministries
1) We believe the dead are raised to life thru Christ with this belief our goal is to become fishers of men for the lord. 2) We believe that the gospel is the truth and want to tell the truth to the world. 3) We believe the lord Jesus Christ died for out sins and rose from the dead. Our goal is to spread this message thru our ministries. 4) The spirit blesses each person with a spiritual gift. It is our goal to utilizes these gifts to serve the lord.
http://www.hayforchrist.com - 462 hits - 21-August-2001

It's The Bible
A christian message board for everyone with a desire to fellowship, share or learn more about the christian faith
http://com5.runboard.com/bitsthebible - 183 hits - 19-February-2007

Just for Catholics
An Evangelical site for Roman Catholics.
http://www.justforcatholics.org/rings.htm - 736 hits - 14-August-2001
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