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Bible sidenotes
Bible sidenotes to help us understand God
http://www.wellesley.u-net.com/biblesidenotes.htm - 589 hits - 17-April-2002

The Polis
The homepage of the Polis. We are the founding english bible study group for the Korean Ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of New Jersey.
http://thepolis.jesusanswers.com/ - 760 hits - 24-May-2002

Holywood Boulevard
Web ministry dedicated to presenting our Lord, Jesus Christ to believers and non-believers alike. We offer fellowship, testimonies, fun, games and lots more!
http://www.holywoodboulevard.org - 737 hits - 27-December-2001

Provides specific answers to questions from non-Christians and Christians regarding the bible, God, christianity, and spirituality. Additionally provides historical and scientific proof to skeptical minds as well as Christians who need to strengthen their own faith on many of the claims of the bible.
http://www.Seeking-God.net - 953 hits - 8-November-2001

Church Geeks
We offer a free on-line video story, bible search, bible study tools, trivia, games and tons more!
http://www.churchgeeks.com - 922 hits - 18-December-2001

Quest for Truth
My personal quest for truth. It is my hope that this site will help others who may be struggling with their faith.
http://www.web-design-cs.com/Faith/home.htm - 697 hits - 16-April-2002

Major Victory Christian Comic Book for Kids to Learn More About Christ
Major Victory is a superhero, fighting evil, with nothing more than the super power of faith.
http://www.majorvictory.com - 788 hits - 30-January-2004

Sharing His Word
Sharing His Word: helping you along your walk of faith through Christ!
http://www.sharinghisword.org - 833 hits - 26-April-2004

Quiet Words
1 Chronicles 4:10. Join us in finding Jesus, through the Bible, and the life lessons of a Christian.
http://quietwords.com/Webrings2.html - 667 hits - 28-May-2003

Divinity Christian Church
Welcome to the Internet Ministry of Divinity Christian Church, where Jesus is LORD! We believe that the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of God the Father and His Holy Spirit, and should be the primary message of the Christian Church, taking precedence over all differences, whether they be theological, denominational, ideological, or physical in nature. Divinity Christian Church is open to everyone, So feel free to use our educational, devotional, inspirational, and Bible study resources, and share with us your testimonials, prayer request, discussion topics, and comments. Come and visit with us often.
http://www.divinitychristianchurch.org - 1175 hits - 17-March-2004
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